Smart Data Solutions provides services that fall under four main categories:

Semantic Web Services and Data Integration


SmartUp Data Solution is included in the leaders of the commercial semantic web sector with expertise one data cleaning, normalization, transformation, querying and visualization. We design and implement semantic web services and platforms in cooperation with the largest research institutions and enterprises in the world that are active in the semantic web domain.


Blockchain Technologies


We design and implement solutions based on blockchain technologies that include smart-contracts, provenance tracking, token based crowd sourcing, cooperative services validation and block semantic enrichment working mainly with Ethereum and Hyperledger.


e-Infrastructure Design & Implementation

Our team has big experience on designing and implementing large scale e-infrastructure of various domains and participating in international consortium or public or private funded projects.


Technical Coordination


We take over large scale multi-partner projects, we coordinate the technical activities, monitoring the implementation and delivery process and identifying possible issues providing efficient solutions to guarantee that the job will be done on time!