SmartUp Data Solutions is an enterprise that offers primarily B2B services and is not focused at the moment on producing and marketing specific products. Nevertheless SmartUp has produced trough its activities and involvement to international projects the following tools that have matured to high technological readiness levels (TRL7-8) and form SmartUp Data Solutions product set:


Smartifier is a tool that cleans and normalizes datasets in CSV, XML and XLS format to be compatible with specific data visualization tools, data transformation tools and data ingestion algorithms. The software is modular and extendable and can be customized to work in different application domains such as Biodiversity, Pharmaceutics, Cultural heritage etc. The tool receives as input specific normalization or cleaning textual rules and produces that according outcome.


ETLeader is a workflow management tool that is responsible for executing complicated workflows for harvesting, normalizing, cleaning, transforming and ingesting data to semantic databases. It defines the ordering of components call and execution, produces statistics and indicates execution issues. ETLeader can easily include external components and is useful for e-infrastructures that require the cooperation of many components that are implemented by different developer teams.